Post LA

I’m back on the East Coast!! LA was a grand ol’ time!  My show at Skinny’s with Prettydead Ferrari was amazing!! Everyone loved us, and we rocked!! Prettydead Ferrari’s new video to “Best of Intentions” is awesome, and the song is killer!  I advise everyone to check out the video and become huge fans of this band! and ME!  Here’s the link for their video.

So I made a lot of new friends in LA, and hope to go out there again!! Lots of opportunity in that place.  I met this guy named Ryan Rapsys who is an awesome producer, and he’s gonna do a remix of one of my songs.  I’m mad excited!! Will definitely let everyone know when it’s done and which song he mixes.


Finally arrived in LA after a 4 hour delay in Detroit, which put my travel time at 11 hours.  Isn’t that everyone’s dream to be cooped up in a small aircraft for half the day? I can’t wait till someone develops teleportation.  I don’t know about you, but airplanes freak me out at times.  I just keep thinking about how the only thing keeping me from falling is the speed and the shape of the wings. Or like when there’s turbulence and you get those butterflies, it’s cause the plane just fell in the air.  Or as I got up to walk to the bathroom, I was like….uuuhh this is weird, I’m walking on air.  I don’t fly a lot, but it’s freaky!!

Then, at my arrival, I met with my beautiful and amazing friend Kristin Quinn!! We decided to live it up, because we are rolling in doe(sarcasm),  and go to “The Ivy” for lunch.  Such a cute place, and I got a $30 mozzarella and tomato salad!  I think some guy might of thought we were famous, cause he kept looking over and he had a girl across from him.  Or maybe I just look so fabulous after my 11 hr plane ride.  I think not! I looked in the mirror after the flight and noticed my eyeliner was half way across my face. What did you learn from this story?  Don’t wear eyeliner on cross-country flights.


Katy Perry??

Saturday morning, bright and early….. or should I say so early that it’s dark and early…  Whatever you get the point….I will be headed off to LA!! Woohoo!! I still have to pack.  Since I’ll be there for St. Patrick’s Day, I will be packing my bright green wig!  I am totally gonna look like Katy Perry.  Which reminds me…Katy Perry has blond hair now!!!!!! I wouldn’t mind this fact, being there are millions of people with blond hair, but people used to say I looked like her when she had black hair.  Which I still wouldn’t mind, because she’s pretty friggin hot, but we both are pop stars.  Well, everyone knows she’s a pop star.  People are still figuring out that I am too.  Whatever, hopefully she’ll go back to pink or blue. Or maybe there’s a way I can use that to my advantage.  Like maybe I can bump into her manager, and be like “Hey it’s katy” – “no it’s not” “yes it is” ” no it’s not” “yes it is” “no it’s not”  ”close enough!! Here’s my CD!!”

Ave Maria

So I’m headed over to St. Mary’s Church in about 5 min to sing the Ave Maria.  It’s a beautiful song, and I’m singing it to start off the St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Amboy.  I went to that highschool, and I had a bunch of teachers that were nuns.  They used to tell the craziest stories about becoming nuns, and I think they were trying to recruit.  I must say, they put this fear in my head that God would pop out of some corner one day and demand me to be a nun.  Never wear make-up again! Never be able to create some of my cool, slutty outfits again! Or sing about crazy weird shit that has nothing to do with the bible!  Oh no no..that would hell! Has anyone else ever had that fear?

Celebrity Crush;)

Ok…So this is not what you’re expecting.  I really never have celebrity crushes.  Maybe when I was 12 or something, but movie stars and famous people really don’t do it for me.  But lately, I’ve been watching the Ellen Show, and that woman is AWESOME!! I would totally swing the other way for her if things with her and Portia ended. How could you ever be sad when you live with the funniest person alive.  I’m becoming obsessed with that woman! She’s funny, cute, original, giving, and just all around awesome!!  I would do anything to be on that show!!  So I wrote her an email the other day about being on the show….haven’t heard anything.  That does not mean I will give up!  I’m gonna send her a CD.  I am officially putting it out into the universe. I am going to be on THE ELLEN SHOW! I am going to be on the ELLEN SHOW!! I AM GOING TO BE ON THE ELLEN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So this Jersey girl is hauling her butt off to LA next week!  I will only be there for 3 1/2 days, but it’s gonna be a blast! I’m playing Skinny’s Lounge @6pm Sunday, March 18th.  I’ll be opening up for the awesome band “Prettydead Ferrari” for their Music Video Release Party.  4923 Lankershim Boulevard  North Hollywood.  Then I’ll be playing a set at midnight that monday the 19th at Trip Santa Monica! 2101 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica. I’m really excited to share my talent with the west side!

Hello There!!

Thanks for visiting my website!! I’m Jean Marie, a singer/song-writer/performer/music-producer/guitarist/actress/lover/human-being and much more!! I recently just finished up my EP called “Taking Off the Mask”  featuring songs such as “The God of Money”, “Manic   Depressant”, and “Goodbye Reality.”  They are pop songs with catchy electronic beats that go perfectly with my unique lyrical style of writing.  I’ve been told I’m a cross between Lady Gaga and Eminem.  And if you can’t picture that, Check out my music! BUY MY CD HERE!  Download HERE!!